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The Molon Labe Flag Jack

Paired with Old Glory, Molon Labe symbolizes America’s role as a symbol of freedom in the world.

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Molon Labe was King Leonidas’ defiant response when he was told to have his soldiers lay down their arms.  It means “come and take them”.   The phrase lives on as a defense of freedom and a defiance of oppression.

Using a variety of hand tools each 2″ x 4″ plank of solid wood is engraved down, giving the three dimensional waves their unique appearance. Then the flag is hand painted and finished with the best quality materials. Each Union Jack is individually numbered in it’s series.


  • 3 Sizes Available
  • Wood is engraved to form waves
  • Mounting – We install 2 brackets/ D loops for easy hanging.
  • Each Custom Jack is numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Small 16" x 31", Medium 19" x 38", Large 28" x 50"


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